Please expect a 6 to 10+ week lead time for all Wilson Combat and AR500 products.

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Michel & Associates P.C.- "Our unique and extensive firearms law and litigation experience enables us to address increasingly complex regulatory schemes to meet our clients’ legal needs."

“Please note that because of the time it takes us to process the large number of inquiries we receive; we are generally no longer able to answer questions about firearms law without charging for our services. Please submit your questions to our helpdesk email and we will have an attorney review your question(s) so that we may provide a proper quote for a General Question’s Consultation. We do offer Free Consultation for pending cases; we suggest you email us with the details of your case so that we can determine if we are able to assist you.We ensure you that any information provided is kept strictly confidential and is fully protected by the attorney-client privilege.



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Custom build/Gunsmiths

DG Firearms- "DG Firearms is a veteran owned family operated business that strives to create a culture of responsible gun owners. We are true believers in America and our Second Amendment Rights. We love what we do and want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy firearms.We build and sale firearms for hunting and sport shooting."



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Tactical Pirate - "The Tactical Pirate training team is capable of mobilizing to any CONUS location to assist military, law enforcement, or civilian groups with training. We can either deliver our standard courses or develop custom classes and courses of fire to address the specific needs of our clients."


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DG Firearms

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